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What Makes US Different

Please review the different elements of our wealth planning services to better understand how our holistic approach will help you and your family plan for a confident financial future. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning

It is difficult to know where you stand today or know where you may be in the future without a plan. We feel it is very important for the success of our clients to engage in the activity of the creation of a comprehensive financial plan. Learn more

Estate Planning

We find that the comprehensive planning process is very important often more so than the investment management. Therefore, we encourage every client to go through the process of designing a proper estate plan. Simply drafting documents will likely get assets in the proper location but the final outcome when needed could be less than desirable. We offer to work closely with you, your family and your attorney to make sure you sure that the plan is well drafted and communicated.

Tax Planning

We are interested in maximizing your family's wealth, which can mean minimizing taxes. In addition to making sure your portfolio is invested in the most tax advantageous manner we will make sure you are taking advantage of programs afforded by the tax code, maximizing wealth during your lifetime and as it transfers to your heirs. To ensure the plan is completed and implemented properly, we will work closely with your accountant and estate planning attorney.


Having a plan to avoid financial ruin caused by unforeseen events is an essential piece of any financial plan. We review your insurance coverage and collaborate with your insurance specialist on how to best insure for loss of life, disability or liability issues. The overall objective is to reduce the expense of providing appropriate coverage for your family's needs. If needed, we have firms in the local area that provide both outstanding service and competitive pricing.


Properly managing your liabilities is important to an overall wealth plan. We review any debt that you have and identify opportunities to improve your financial security. We work with local professionals that deliver outstanding price and service. In addition, where applicable, we have the ability to negotiate favorable margin borrowing rates that may help our clients' with short term liquidity needs.

Investment Management

We utilize sophisticated investment strategies to strive towards the greatest probability of success for your family's wealth. For a more comprehensive description please click here.

The 21st Century has unfolded with a period of unprecedented economic turmoil and uncertainty. In these unsettling times, what do we offer as a meaningful financial solution to these troubling issues that differentiates us from our competitors? As a Fee-Only TM comprehensive financial planning firm, we take a Fiduciary Oath to always offer financial solutions that are wholly in our client's best interest. This is far superior to the stockbroker, bank employee or insurance agent, whose responsibility is to provide a product or service that is "suitable" to the client, "suitable" means it is appropriate for them, however, it does not need to be the best one for them. It can be far more expensive, risky, and complex than a fiduciary "client's best interest". This illustrates that by maintaining the highest ethical standards and transparency, we totally differentiate ourselves from the self-servicing mentality of brokerage firms, banks, and insurance companies.

The first step in the planning process is to schedule a Discovery Meeting with a member of our team. To get started on your path to freedom, security and clarity, contact us to discuss your financial goals.