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Major Life Transitions

Divorce or legal separation, loss of a spouse, financial windfalls and change in employment can have significant impacts on your financial security. Navigating the decision making process during these times of transition can sometimes result in making the wrong decision due to emotional distress and confusion about what your options may be. Engaging the expertise of a financial advisor who you can trust can help you to come to the best conclusions about how to ensure a secure future despite your current circumstances.


Loss of a Spouse

The loss of a spouse is one of the most painful things most of us will experience. On top of the grief and loss we feel, there are also many practical aspects that need to be dealt with. Often these practical components are also timely. This can lead many people to rush decisions that could have a lasting impact on their financial health. The stress that this can have can also make a lasting impact on one's physical and emotional health. Our clients can count on us to guide them through the steps necessary to ensure that they are making the right decisions during this difficult period.

Divorce/Legal Separation

Divorce or Legal Separation can be painful, exhausting and overwhelming. On top of all of that, divorce usually means dividing assets, negotiating custody of children and/or pets and a whole lot more. When you are trying to deal with your emotions and mental well-being, the idea of having to make decisions on complicated matters can seem all too much. We help our clients wade through the mire so that they make the right decisions for themselves and their family.

Financial Windfalls

When someone experiences a financial windfall like an inheritance, lottery winning or financial settlement there is a lot to consider and a lot of emotion. Often times the positive aspects of having more money than you once did does not outweigh the grief you may have from a loss, feeling overwhelmed by a win, or the pain you might have suffered in an accident. During these times of confusion and mixed feelings it is important to have people that you can trust that will have your best interests at the forefront.

Career Change/Retirement

Throughout the course of our lives we may change jobs once, twice or maybe several times. Often, these career changes can be exciting and offer more opportunities and resources for us and our families. In many cases, along with the positive impacts careers changes can have, there can be a lot of confusion, stress and uneasiness about the future and our choices. Understanding the nuances of the financial implications that a career change, the sale of a business, the endeavor to start a business or simply retiring is how Private Wealth Management Group can guide you through this life transition. We help our clients discover how their insurances, taxes and investments may be impacted due to these changes and we advise them on a best course of action to ensure longevity of their assets and security of their wealth and well-being.


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