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Has a Correction Started? Does it Matter?

Is the recent stock market drop pulling at your emotions? Are you beginning to ask yourself the dreaded question, should I do something with my investments?

On Monday, the U.S. markets dropped roughly 1% of their value, and Europe and Asia were down by similar amounts the following day. The market (the S&P 500) then fell 2.1% on Friday in a sickening lurch. This combination was enough to cause pundits and investors to ask whether we are now in the early stages of a bear market or, indeed, if the past almost-five years should be considered an interim market rally inside of a longer-term bear market.

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Many Happy Returns

It’s that time of the year when the talking heads of television and the prognosticators of print issue their sage outlooks for the coming 12 months. While this crystal ball gazing is always entertaining, it becomes even more so a year later.

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2nd Quarter 2012 Performance Review

Second Quarter 2012: Investment Review

PowerPoint slides feature quarterly performance of the global equity and fixed income markets. Updated for Q2 2012.

Behavioral Biases

Financial Health

We have been faced with unprecedented amounts of uncertainty in the global economy over the past few years. Due to this and the fact that we are all only human, we seek answers. There is a natural tendency to want to find a fix or a solution that will make everything better. There are solutions but they are not what you would intuitively think of, they are mostly related to discipline. If you are overweight you may go to your doctor and ask for a solution and his response will be very similar. This we understand but when it comes to investing it is hard to comprehend. Attached you will find a video presentation that begins to explain what the exercise routine looks like to improve your financial health.

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