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The Paris Attacks


The attacks that occurred in Paris, France on Friday, November 13, evoked the all too familiar feelings of fear, horror and dread. By definition, acts of terrorism are meant to evoke those feelings which are complex because it rips us from our comfort zone. When we ask ourselves: How can some people think this way and take such action to perpetuate the way they think? And then comes the realization that there ARE people who think that way, which is so far from our own consciousness, and yet so close to our reality and day to day life.

An esteemed colleague in the financial planning field and a talented writer, Bob Veres, wrote the following piece about terrorism, outrage and what history might offer in terms of solace to all of us who feel fear, dread and horror in the aftermath of Friday’s attacks and only 14 years since the largest terrorist attack on US soil.

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Dream School: A Tale of Practical Reality

College Planning

This article was written by our intern, Wesley Wood.

For the class of 2017, the college application season is in full-force. Across the country students and their families are trying to come up with that precious list of schools to send their applications. They are visiting campuses, speaking to counselors, and browsing websites full of glossy images and buzzwords. They are also calculating financial need, looking at soaring tuition costs, and gawking at the financial burden the next four years will demand.

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Client File: The Usual Suspects

usual suspectsNo, we are not talking about the hit movie from 1996 (written by local writer Christopher McQuarrie). We are talking about when we work with clients who come to us with the same set of 15-20 stocks, which internally we call “the usual suspects.” Typically these stocks were either inherited or they were purchased decades ago. Since they have been held for so long, selling any of the shares would result in a large tax bill.

These stocks are usually held because they are “good companies” or because there is a sentimental value attached to them. However, over the past few years, these stocks may have underperformed the overall market and now there is uncertainty on what to do going forward. They are also reluctant to sell them because they do not want to pay taxes. Inaction is what usually happens and this is not always the best outcome.

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Keys to Successful Investing

Key to Investing

Over the past three months as summer has begun to give way to fall, we have experienced a vivid reminder of the cyclical and volatile nature of the stock market. While the seasons will continue to change, the fundamentals of investing do not. Whether you are a seasoned investor, or someone who is just starting out there are some basic concepts that successful investors need to remember. Here are some of our favorites:

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Hesitating on Long Term Health Care Decisions

TimeWe recently had the pleasure of going to a seminar hosted by two experts in the field of continuing care communities. Justine Vogel and Cathleen Toomey provided valuable insights into the disparities between coverage eligibility and costs for continuing care and the need for improved quality of life and skilled medical care for today's elderly population. We wanted to share what we learned with those facing decisions for mom and dad, or for themselves, and considering how to manage or finance the potential (or, more than likely, inevitable) expense of aging as gracefully and comfortably as possible.

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