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Announcing Our New Name And Logo: Novi Wealth Partners


By Novi Wealth Partners

It’s not often in life that you get the opportunity to make your dream a reality, so it is with great excitement that I announce our new firm name and our much-anticipated logo and website!

In 1998, Bill Dunn founded Private Wealth Management Group with a strong passion to align with his clients and guide them in a way that would benefit their lives. Now, 20 years later, Private Wealth Management Group has become Novi Wealth Partners! Our mission is still the same: to use our independence to empower our clients to discover their definition of wealth while providing the confidence to achieve it.

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Media Market Madness

We’re about to enter that exciting time of year when all sorts of market predictions are made by people who are mostly claiming that they knew the future and have accurately predicted it over a great track record.  If you’re smart, you’ll turn off the TV or move on to the next article.

The truth is that none of us can accurately predict the movements of the markets.  If we could, then we would always make trades ahead of market moves, and it wouldn’t take long before that amazing prognosticator with the working crystal ball would have amassed billions off of his or her stock market trades.  Have you read about anybody doing that lately?

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Government Shutdown: Stock Market Impact

Some supposed experts state the reason stocks have been going down lately is the threat of a government shutdown, which seems almost probable if the President’s recent statements are to be taken at face value.  The U.S. President is on record as embracing a government shutdown on Friday, December 21 unless he receives full funding for his border wall with Mexico.  His stance has softened a bit, but the threat still remains. It seems unlikely that it will actually happen but it might be time to ask: If the government shuts down, what is actually likely to happen? Hint, even the short term isn’t alarming and longer term, non-event. Read to the end…

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Bring Board Games Back

Remember when people played board games in the evening, instead of binging on Netflix or fiddling with their phones?  Sitting around a game board used to provide a chance for family socialization, and very inexpensive entertainment.

A recent article listed the 40 greatest family games, giving all of us a chance to at least try to create an interesting environment around the family dinner table one or two evenings a week.  The criteria were that each game should be fair (If you sit in the last seat, you will not be disadvantaged), action-packed, at least somewhat educational (teaching reasoning, math, ethics or teamwork), and encourage creativity and spontaneity. 

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Stop the Losses

The stock market is at it again, rearing its head providing a wild ride. Would you like to tame this beast? Well, you have the ability to do so. No, we don’t have any magic for you to make this happen, it is entirely within your control. We are not suggesting going to cash which would have its own issues; inflation and buying back into the market. So, what to do?

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