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Investing philosophies are a dime a dozen, which is why we have chosen to follow a formula built on Nobel Prize-winning research and methodology. Backed by the foundation of financial science, the concepts and ideas that we share below, offer a different and dare we say, better - way to invest.

Why Should You Invest?

Why Invest?

Let's begin by considering what you want to accomplish as an investor. Everyone has different financial needs and goals therefore, we are all investing for different reasons. One of the major reasons, regardless of income or goals, is that we want to ensure a more secure retirement.

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Investing Means Taking Risks...

Is Investing Risky? Absolutely

trying to invest without exposing yourself to risk may be the greatest risk of all.

If you consider the long term threat of inflation, not investing your money properly can be just as risky as not investing it at all. It is not to say that everyone should put their money in an aggressive portfolio and throw caution to the wind, but all too often, people are unwilling to take the quantifiable amount of risk they need to take in order to see their goals met. Some investments see less volatility, but do not have high enough returns to beat inflation over time.

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Investing in a Globally Diverisified Portfolio

What types of opportunities are out there in terms of investing?

The potential for creating wealth is not just in the United States stock and bond market, but in markets around the world. The image below depicts the world according to the size of each country's stock market relative to the world's total market value.

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You Cannot Predict the Future

How Do Many People Invest?

There are many investors out there who claim they are able to predict the future. Some might not say it outright, but their actions indicate that is exactly what they are trying to do. Some investors choose to move all of their money in and out of stocks and bonds at the right time. Others try to choose the next best performing industry, such as technology, and focus all their investments in one area. Worse still, some try and move in and out of stocks on a daily basis!

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Ignore the Media

How DO Many People Invest?

The financial and popular media define what investing is for many people. Whether the message is crafted by a financial publication, a website, or a cable program, it often targets human emotion.

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Markets Work...Here's How

Many of the Greatest Advancements in Finance Have Come From Academia

The academic community offers a wealth of insight into how markets work and the sources of expected returns. This timeline offers some of the high points in the evolution of modern finance.

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Together, We Know More Than We Do Alone

Here’s a simple example of a market at work. It shows how collective knowledge can come together and be more powerful than the knowledge of any one person.

At a client event hosted by a financial advisor, a jar of jelly beans was placed in the lobby and attendees were asked to estimate the number of jelly beans it contained. The participants wrote down their estimates, and whoever offered the closest estimate to the actual count received a prize.

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