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A Personalized Approach to Comprehensive Wealth Management

We recognize that everyone's situation is different and there are many unique and ever-changing factors affecting our clients' financial security. Our goal is to truly know our clients on a personal level in order to understand what matters most to them. As you encounter life's transitions it is important to seek guidance from those who can understand what is happening in the financial markets, but how those markets affect what's important to you and your loved ones.

Princeton's leading independent, comprehensive fee-only financial planning firm

We serve a diverse client base of individuals and families seeking an exceptional level of personalized service and guidance. Our team-based approach helps our clients make to right decisions for their financial future. As true partners to our clients, we empower individuals to discover their definition of wealth while providing the confidence to achieve it.

Driven by Values

In order to provide superior service and act only in the best interest of our clients, we are guided by five core values:

  • Maintain INTEGRITY and a high moral standard
  • Be HUMBLE and continuously seek knowledge
  • Remain EMPATHETIC to the needs of our clients
  • Achieve EXCELLENCE in everything we do
  • Be ENTREPRENEURIAL through creativity, motivation and adaptability

True Differentiators

There are several critical differentiators we consistently provide to our valued clients:

  • Truly independent and conflict free: As the leading fee-only financial planning firm in Princeton, New Jersey, we do not answer to a financial institution or a bank that sells products. As a fiduciary, we are held to a much higher professional standard that a typical investment advisor. We will always put the best interests of our clients before our own.
  • Highly Customized Offering: We provide true comprehensive financial planning solutions including estate planning, insurance planning, tax planning, retirement planning, lending advice and investment management.
  • A Strong Infrastructure: We believe a firm is only as strong as its weakest link--that is why our advisors are all Certified Financial Planners® (CFP®) and members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA®), and the Financial Planning Association (FPA®).
  • High Touch and High Tech: Our firm's culture balances maintaining close personal relationships with our clients and leveraging technology throughout our organization to keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics of our clients' wealth.

At Private Wealth Management Group, we believe that you should focus not on money, but what money can do for you and for your loved ones.  You may not have the time and comprehensive knowledge to plan your financial future, but we do.  Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Meeting with us today.



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