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Our Clients

Despite a variety of clients, we can categorize the majority into three groups:

  1. Pre-retirees and retirees
  2. Widows and widowers
  3. Professionals: business owners, corporate executives and university professors

Obviously, many clients will fall into more than one category. The following is a brief description of the challenges, concerns, goals and opportunities faced by each of these groups. Some of the issues may be unique, however in general they overlap from one group to another. Next we will outline the solutions to these issues and finally illustrate the Real Value in our advice and service to the client.

Below are a few brief descriptions of clients we have advised. Of course, each client and each situation is unique. Our goal is to use our extensive experience advising hundreds of clients to design a custom plan for each unique relationship. Only by thoroughly understanding a client can we provide the meaningful advice they are seeking.

Finally, throughout this process there is a commodity that is difficult to value: empathy. We make sure there is a certain level of empathy in almost every conversation to ensure that lives, not money, drive the choices we help you make.

  • Market volatility can cause significant unease. Thus our approach is to design a portfolio that will meet the clients' objectives in the face of unpredictability. Sometimes retirees must provide financial support to their children and/or parents. If this is necessary, it is our role to counsel the retiree as to the amount they can reasonably provide without endangering their well-being. In addition, failing health becomes a prominent issue as clients age. We monitor the client's health insurance closely to ensure that they have full coverage. Also, we advise on the continual care options available. Retirees are, of course, concerned with maintaining their accustomed lifestyle throughout their lives. They need to know how much they can spend and the strategies available to reduce their tax burden as much as possible. By designing a comprehensive financial plan we are able to provide concrete answers to these concerns.

    Real Value:

    We prevent the retiree from making costly financial mistakes. We help manage catastrophic financial risk by ensuring the retiree has the proper insurances. We clarify their expenses and curtail overspending to ensure that they do not run out of money. We help you feel secure knowing your personalized wealth plan will become a reality.

  • This group faces issues similar to those of the retirees. In addition, they may now face the emotional challenge of living alone. Also, they will, perhaps for the first time, be responsible for making all their own financial decisions. They will need to update their estate plan. Under these circumstances, we will take the time to fully educate the widow/widower as to their financial choices. We will ensure that they are aware of their options and advise them as to what we see as their best choices.

    Real Value:

    Our goal is to build self-confidence in their ability to make sound financial decisions. We have found that as they become more comfortable with their finances, they are more willing to broaden their horizons and realize that they still have many opportunities available to them to travel, learn, and make new friends.

  • We find many times with an active professional there is the need to develop continuity and succession plans. We guide them through this process and assist them in implementing the plans. Also, if they are planning to sell a business or make a career change, a financial plan must be designed as to how much future income will be achievable and what they will do after this sale. While still working in the business, the client will be advised on the design of their investment portfolio so that it complements their business investment. Sometimes our role becomes illustrating what is enough in terms of wealth to support a client's lifestyle. The balance of more money versus more personal time needs to be analyzed and discussed.

    Real Value:

    By developing a comprehensive financial plan, we assist the business owner in understanding that they have enough to maintain their lifestyle. We make them aware of their abilities. They are more able to visualize what their financial and personal life will look like after the sale.