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FREEDOM is having more time to do what you want. Let us help as your trusted advisor.

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SECURITY is knowing that you and your loved ones will enjoy the best possible lifestyle.

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CLARITY is knowing the financial parameters within which you can construct a happy life.

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empowering all to discover their definition of wealth while providing the confidence to achieve it

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“I believe you must set your sights high but find that empathy and humility are crucial to finding the values that will lay the course for your personal plan.”

Robert B. Dunn, CFP®
President, Managing Partner

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“Most people don’t care about money. They care about what money can do for them and their loved ones.”

Ryan Vogel, CFP®
Senior Wealth Advisor, Partner



We offer customized, non-proprietary solutions solely in our Clients’ best interest.

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Unlike many advisors, we never accept sales commissions; instead, we charge a reasonable fee.

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Wealth Management


It's more than just investing successfully. We understand the big picture.

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18 MAR

Well...This is Awkward.

Talking about money can be very uncomfortable. Talking about goals and expectations for how your money will protect and sustain you and your family in the future can be even more stressful.

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14 APR

Is your retirement tax efficient?

With tax day having just passed we are all surely finding ourselves considering ways that we might reduce our tax liability in the future. The approach to this is not a simple one and is quite varied depending on your current tax bracket, investments, age, and more nuanced factors.

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